Published Dec 2018 in Red Wheelbarrow

One of three winning poems in the 2018 Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Prize, judged by Naomi Shihab Nye.

Self-published Mar 2019

This rhyming picture book follows a boy who is hard of hearing as he pursues an ice cream truck. As Robby chases strains of music through the neighborhood, he discovers more than he is looking for!

Many thanks to my dad, Richard Qiang Li, for the lovely watercolor illustrations.

Published Dec 2019 in Lunch Ticket

EDNOS stands for Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, a diagnosis in the DSM-IV.

Published Jan 2020 in Radar Poetry

A reflection on keeping my surname post-divorce ... on naming as spellcasting and the witchery of words.

Many thanks to Tatiana Istomina for creating an original image based on this poem.

Published Mar 2020 in Glass: A Journal of Poetry


Published Apr 2020 in Rat's Ass Review


Published Apr 2020 in The Maynard


Published Jul 2020 in Gyroscope Review (p. 15)


Published Jul 2020 in Misery Tourism


Published Jul 2020 in Ekphrastic Review


Published Jul 2020 in Azure Bell


Published Aug 2020 in Oddball Magazine


Published Aug 2020 in Misery Tourism



Forthcoming in PANK



Forthcoming in Hawk & Whippoorwill


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